The most unique gelato

you can ever taste

G like Gelato brand was founded in November 2014 by the desire of a group of italian professionals and friends to export to the rest of the world the excellence of the old Italian tradition of ‘gelato making’.

The mission of G like Gelato is to promote the Italian excellence of gelato making in the world and become an industry benchmark for quality, service and innovation.
The vision is to transform eating a gelato into a truly Italian experience, replicable anywhere in the world. G like Gelato has the intuition, the know-how, capabilities and management team for succeeding in local and international markets.

To define our Concept we have been inspired by the atmosphere of a family kitchen. It is a place where to rediscover personal and simple emotions that bring us back to the genuiness, tradition and freshness of the products of our childhood. Our stores become real workshops, where products are as fresh as possible as they are prepared in front of the customer. Our technology makes it possible to produce high quality gelato in just few minutes according to our special recipes. We have also taken the ‘variegation’ process to another level, by offering a wide range of extra ingredients that allow each customer to create its own personalized flavor. All this makes G like Gelato the freshest and most unique gelato you can ever taste.

G like Gelato develops an innovative offer of artisan gelato, which is always freshly made in store by using only high quality natural ingredients and according to traditional techniques conveyed by an expert “Mastro Gelataio”. The offer includes all the classic flavours, regional specialties that vary according to geographical areas, and more innovative flavours: gluten-free, lactose-free, specials and gelato on demand. A trademark of our stores is the ‘cold stone’, used for the variegation process; the client can choose both the gelato flavour and extra ingredients to create his own «unique» gelato. A wide range of «gelato sticks» are also part of the offer, alongside Gelato Cakes. Finally, original new products (alcohol-based, savory and spiced gelato for an aperitif or as a complement to an unusual dinner, bespoke recipes for special occasions, etc.) complete the product offer. To enrich the range for the colder months/countries the additional product offer will also include dry pastries and cafeteria.